2021 Team Theme: Tapped In

Out team theme for 2021 is: Tapped In

What does our theme mean?

There are two main parts to the meaning of being Tapped In:

  1. Being Tapped In to your why

  2. Being Tapped In for your team

Being Tapped In to your why

Have you ever tried to run an electric machine without plugging it in to power? Doesn’t work too well, does it?! Well, we are similar to that electric machine. Everything we do is “powered” by some reason for doing it. Sometimes we do things because of rewards or sometimes for fear of consequences, or sometimes because we are forced to do something. No matter the reason, there is always a reason. Same goes for why we mountain bike.

Each of you joined the team for some reason. Maybe it was friendship, or the challenge, the fun, new experiences, adventure, competition, or a combination of reasons. We want to help you learn to “tap in” to your reason why - like plugging in to your power source. When you can tap into your reasons why, you will find power to do hard things, to work hard, and to improve. Being Tapped in to your “why” means being able to mentally plug in, to remind yourself of why you do this, and train yourself to embrace that source of power and use it to do more, to become better, and find joy.

Being Tapped In for your team

Being tapped in for your team means that we are ready and by the side of our teammates through it all. It means we are plugged into our meaning and mission as a team, and that we are supportive of each other to that end.

Our team mission is to provide the experience, coaching, and training in a group and team setting necessary to develop the skills and ability to be competitive cross country mountain bikers.

We believe that in riding together and working hard to improve our skills/abilities, we can create real, positive change in the lives of all involved, with both riders and coaches. It creates bonds with each other, creates a love for the outdoors, a sense of responsibility and stewardship for our earth and our health, and teaches us that we can do hard things and obtain joy from doing them. In the end, this is about becoming better mountain bikers and better people.

Being Tapped In for our team means being there for each other and being dedicated to each other’s success.