NICA Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

This is a copy of the code of conduct that you agree to adhere to when you register for the League. We expect all riders to live up to this.

Be Safe

  • Always wear a helmet

  • Be prepared with additional safety gear: gloves, glasses, and extra clothes to match the weather

  • Be prepared with a working bike and perform an ABCDE bike check (Air, Brakes, Chain, Derailleur, Everything Else)

  • Ride within your limits

  • Ride with someone else in isolated areas

  • Never use any performance enhancing drug described in the NICA Handbook:

  • Plan ahead and let your family or caregivers know where you are going and when you plan to return

  • Avoid contact with wildlife

  • Understand the dangers of the native plants and avoid poisonous plants, stay on the trail

Be Responsible

  • Be prepared with the water, food, and clothing that you need to complete the ride

  • Come to practice with a clean and well-maintained bike

  • Be accountable for your actions and choices

  • Never consume alcohol or use any illegal drugs

  • Ride only on designated and legal trails and routes

  • Follow additional rules that may be associated with team’s school or league affiliations

Be Respectful

  • Respect coaches, teammates, competitors, trail users and other community members

    • Treat everyone with dignity and respect

    • Avoid language and actions that may be perceived as bullying or harassment.

    • Be inclusive and welcoming to new athletes, coaches, competitors, and other trail users

    • Use appropriate language

  • Move aside to allow others to pass you safely.

  • Announce your passing, intention, and specify the passing side.

  • Do your best when racing or riding my bike.

  • Ride with courtesy at races, at practice, and in the community.

  • Seek consent before touching, hugging and otherwise embracing teammates and coaches.

  • Slow down when approaching other trail users

  • Provide right of way to pedestrians and equestrians and stop and ask for passing instructions from equestrians.

  • Leave no trace or trash on the trail.

  • Ride on trails when the weather and surface conditions will not cause damage.

  • Perform trail maintenance on trails only with full permission and permits from the land owner/manager.