2021 Team Goals

These are our 2021 team goals:







Raise More Money

  1. $15k raised in total: $12k from sponsors, $3k from other sources

  2. Better sponsorship programs

  3. Incorporate fundraising

4/4 - We’ve raised $10,500 in total. $9,300 in sponsorships and $750 in donations. We anticipate 3-4 more sponsors to come in by May 1, and we should be able to meet our sponsor goal.

Improve Team Culture

  1. Structured practice/training

  2. Improve team gear

  3. Improve race day/weekend experience

  4. More team building activities

  5. Awards and Recognition program

  6. Captains fully integrated into team

  7. Establish new traditions

4/4 - We have a fully structured/planned pre-season calendar, a training committee, improved team gear, more team building planned in pre-season, already working on a list of new traditions.

Increase volunteer participation

  1. Design

  2. Social Media

  3. Photography/Video

  4. Team Gear

4/4 - Using Steve Duncan for graphic design

Level up our coach and ride leader training

  1. Coach Retreat?

  2. Ride Leader OTB training

  3. Coach and Ride Leader training/ride day

4/4 - We had Sarah Tescher come from Colorado to do a training already. Planning on having OTB training In May for all coaches and Ride Leaders.

Team Growth

  1. Get to 60+ kids

  2. Move to Div. 2

4/4 - We will most likely hit over 60 kids, and we will have more than 25 HS kids, moving us to Div 2.

Improve Team Makeup

  1. More jr high kids

  2. More girls (10+)

4/4 - Already 6 registered girls. 15 registered Jr High so far.

Increase Trailwork Done

  1. 500+ hours

  2. Or average of 3 hours per coach/ride leader and kid

4/4 - we have a private property to build trails on now and league approval to do it. Big April 24th day planned for trail cleanup.

Improve Performance

  1. More podiums

  2. Top 5 in Region

  3. Top 10 in State


Improve Technology

  1. Slack training

  2. Slack integrations (ie calendar)

  3. Team Wiki

  4. Google Calendar Use/accessibility improved

  5. Improve registration process

  6. Improve team store

  7. Migrate website to more brand/experience (less info)

  8. Automations

4/4 - Team wiki is live and content is being built quickly. Google calendar instructions have been provided, new integrations with Slack are in place. Using Automate.io for automating registration to contacts and team roster page. New registration process is in place (Eventbrite). Adding items to team store as they are available. Need to improve picture consistency.