Financial Assistance

This page details out the financial assistance options for those who might need them.


We believe that having “Inclusivity” as a league and team value, means that we do everything in our power to help everyone have the opportunity to join and enjoy the experience of our team, regardless of their financial circumstances. Economics should never be the barrier to our team.

We also believe that families should have several options for receiving assistance, to allow for options that both fit their need and share in some level of responsibility. When a need is known, we work with each individual family to find the right fit for their situation, to ensure funds are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.


The team has a vey structured framework for how we look at money and allocate it - both to encourage responsibility appropriately to the team management, the parents, etc, and to protect and build the experience that centers on the athletes.

Because of that framework, and our deep commitment to inclusivity, financial assistance dollars are achieved through the following sources in the order shown:

  1. Donations
    We want to use 100% of our donation dollars for financial assistance. We feel that gives both the donor and the rider a connection (even if not a direct one) that is meaningful. Donations are highly encouraged by anyone who can. Even the smallest of amounts is very meaningful. Donations can be made on our team DONATION PAGE or via Venmo = @cvmtb

  2. Fundraising
    We will be doing some fundraising this year. Details are still to come. Some fundraising will be individual specific (meaning what you raise, you get), other will be team based - so the amount is pooled and used for the team’s needs and allocated by the team management as needed.

  3. Sponsorships
    If needed, we will use sponsor dollars for financial assistance. Sponsor dollars are usually budgeted specifically for capital expenses or other such needs, but where needed, we will draw money out of that for assistance.

  4. Team Fees
    Our last resort is to pull money from our pool of team fee money. Team Fees are our most sacred of budgets because it is paid directly by you, and our goal is to have 100% of that money to directly impact your kid’s experience. However, if we were in a tight spot for funds and it were needed, we could pull from this budget to help.


First of all, if you have need of financial assistance, please do the following two steps:

  1. Register for the team
    Registering give us your information and commitment to the team. You can choose the “Pay by Invoice” option so you don’t have to pay at time of registration.

  2. Fill out the Financial Assistance Form.
    This form gives us some basic information that helps us start the conversation about financial assistance and make sure we understand some of the situation and what all is needed. Everything is confidential and only seen and discussed between you and select team management.


Here are the options we have for helping financially

    Sometimes the issue is just that of timing. We are quite flexible on timing of some fees. For instance, for the team fee and race kit portion of registration, we can do flexible payments over time or delay payment. The League fee is not as flexible in time or options. It must be paid by closing of registration (May 31st). However, the League does have a “Pay by Check” option that you can use, and then let me know and if we do financial assistance for that portion, we will take care of that. Also, that gives you a little time to get that taken care of.

    If you introduce us to a company that sponsors us, here is what you will receive:
    $500 Sponsor = 1 Team fee paid ($150-175 value)
    $1,000+ Sponsor = 1 Team fee paid + 1 Race Kit paid ($250-275 value)

    We do provide scholarships, either full or partial depending on circumstances/need. When you fill out the financial assistance form, we use that for the starting point of the conversation and where needed will award scholarships on a 1:1 basis. These are NOT grades based, but financial need.

    The Utah High School Cycling League has scholarships available. Check that out on the LEAGUE SCHOLARSHIP PAGE. You need to apply as quickly as you can, as they fill up quickly. they are needs based and only partial, but they are very helpful.

    We are working on some fundraising activities that people can participate in to raise money for themselves. We will let you know more information on this when that is available.

    Some team parents, coaches, etc will occasionally offer to hire kids for a project, whether that is helping move stuff, pulling weeds, mowing lawns, or whatever else. We highly encourage riders to take advantage of that opportunity. I know for a fact that Coach Clark pays well

    We can set up a specific page and a link for donations for your child that you can use to send to your social networks, family, and friends to see if they would be willing to fund/sponsor your child. That can be very effective when presented well. You’ll be surprised at how

    Coach Clark owns a small company called, Beform. They do custom branded apparel, blank apparel, and other custom promotional marketing items. In other words, they make hats, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and other apparel for companies, individuals, schools, anyone who needs them. The best part is, that they produce it for way cheaper than other companies, it’s high quality product and service, and 100% of profits goes back to the team/club. If you bring a referral for business to Beform, the profit of that deal will go specifically to you and your costs for the year!

    Check out THIS PAGE to read and get more information on this. You can share that page with anyone.