Using Our Google Calendar

This page has all the instructions you need to access and use our team Google calendar.

You can access and use our calendar in a few different ways. Here is a brief description of each method, and then below are some specific directions on how to connect to it in your own calendar apps, etc.



  1. Use this URL/Link to access the calendar directly: For iphone users, use this link:

  2. See the calendar on our team website (syncs):

  3. See it embedded here in our wiki: TEAM CALENDAR

  4. You can access the link to it in Slack by typing in the words, “team calendar” or just “calendar” in the chat - a bot will pop a response with the link. Now, if you need to do that frequently, or you don’t want to clutter chat with that, you can actually send yourself a direct message (find your name in the Direct Messages area) and it works in there too - then only you see it.

  5. In Slack, in the #general channel, we have pinned one of those bot responses in the channel. To access the pins, you can go to the top of the channel page and find that little pin icon. When you click on that, it will pop up all the pinned posts, including that one with the calendar link!


You may want to find an easy way to find and use our calendar. To do this, you have the following options:

  1. Add the team calendar to your own google calendar.
    This has the advantage of then giving you notifications in your own devices for events.
    To accomplish, you will need to follow these steps: (COMING)

  2. Bookmark either the calendar link or the wiki page version on your phone or in your browser
    Most people know how to bookmark a website, so we’ll not include those instructions here, but if you need assistance with this, let us know.

  3. Add the Website calendar page to your mobile phone as a shortcut app.

    Android Instructions
    Step 1: Go to the page:
    Step 2: Go to the right triple three dots in the upper right hand of the screen and click on them
    Step 3: Select, “Add to Home Screen”
    Step 4: Click Add (feel free to name it something else)
    Step 5: Click on “Add Automatically”
    Step 6: find an app shortcut added to your screen alongside your other apps. You can now click on that and it will go directly to that page every time.

    Apple Instructions:
    Step 1: Go to this link:
    Step 2: add the calendar

  4. Add the calendar to your Slack!
    See THIS PAGE to get instructions on how to do this in Slack!