Our Team Technology

This pages outlines the different technologies we use, how we use them, etc. In case any of you techies want to know, and so you understand all the pieces that go into making the team operate.












Everyone knows Google. it has a lot of tools for us to use These tools include:

  • Gmail

  • Sheets, Documents

  • Forms

  • Contacts

  • Photos

  • Maps & My Maps

  • Email

  • Spreadsheets and Documents

  • Forms such as our financial assistance application

  • Handling contacts

  • Collecting and holding photos and videos

  • We map our team addresses so we can easily deliver things if needed, drop off/pick people up, etc


No cost for this at this point. At some point, we might move to g-Suite so we can have branded email addresses and additional features and more storage for photos and videos, etc.


If you don’t know zoom by now, you were just born. It has become a core technology for many during Covid times. Zoom is a virtual meeting technology used for live, video meetings that can be used to share information via screensharing and recording.

  • We use it for live meetings

  • We also record trainings on it.


We are blest to have approved access to an enterprise version of Zoom through Cvent, the company Coach Clark works for.


This is an online content management system built by Atlassian. It allows for you to build custom pages in a structured, related way, like a web-page, but with controllable permissions/access.

  • Our team wiki - eg this page is built on Confluence


Paid for out of our technology budget.


An online design tool that allows you to make all kinds of digital assets like logos, posters, social media posts, and more.

  • Making flyers, t-shirt designs, our sponsor prospectus, and other materials.


As a non-profit, we have free access to a Pro Canva account.

Automate is an online automation platform that allows us to connect different technologies that we use and automate certain task/items in one system based on the actions in another.

  • automate certain actions such as registrations automatically adding contacts to Google, adding new registrations to our team roster sheet, and more to come.



This is paid out of our technology budget.


Eventbrite is a well-known event ticketing system that gives you the ability to register people for events or other items. It can issue tickets where needed, too.

  • Team Registration


We pay fees per registration/payment (variable)

These come out of payments made in registration.


Slack is a commonly used communication platform used by thousands of businesses and other organizations. It has the ability for organizations to set up public and private channels to communicate in, with many enhanced communication features like workflows, bots, emojiis, and many plugins to integrate with other tools/technology.

  • Team communication platform

  • We have some integrations with Slack


We have 250 free professional licenses for our use as a non-profit.


The system NICA uses to register league riders, coaches, and to manage coach licensing.

  • Owned and run by NICA, it is used for registering for the League.


Paid for by NICA


This is a dynamic web site building site that you can use to build custom websites without code. It can provide membership logins, a store, blogging, and much more.

  • We use Weebly for our website.

  • We also use a small plugin to the website that syncs our google calendar to our calendar web page.


This is our biggest cost per month and yearly. It is paid for out of our technology budget. This cost pays for us to have a store, which we hope will then pay for the site over the year (so shop away!)


Square now owns Weebly as well, but it also has a website building application as well as it’s primary use, as an online financial portal for taking payments, selling items, sending invoices, and more. It also provides a set of physical hardware for collection of payments.

  • We take donations

  • sell gear at activities and events

  • send invoices for payments required (eg team fees, etc)



We do pay credit card transaction fees per payment made through that platform, similar to any CC processing service.


This is an email marketing software. It integrates with our different technologies to enable us to send emails, track how well they perform, etc so I know who is getting info and who is not, templatize our weekly emails, and better organize our contacts.

  • Integrates with our Eventbrite registration platform

  • Integrates with Google Contacts

  • We use it to send team emails - including special announcements, weekly updates, etc.



Paid by our operational/technology budget.

Online presentation software that allows us to build and present information like powerpoints in a more templates, online way.

  • Online presentations

  • We can see how many times a presentation is viewed, etc


Coach Clark pays for this personally at this point.

We might end up switching out this technology to save money.


Online payment platform used for sending and receiving funds.

Our Venmo account is @cvmtb

  • We will use Venmo to collect payment for gear sold, such as bikes, hats, etc.

  • Payment option for sponsors, team fees, and other items

  • Reimbursing people for things they paid for




CRM tool. This will be our foundation database for managing the entire team next year.

  • Team database for everything!



We have 10 free enterprise licenses as a non-profit.


Mobile app and website for tracking rides/physical activities, doing physical challenges, and being part of groups (like our team, etc)

  • individual ride tracking

  • Team club/group on Strava for fun


Unless you pay for the pro version, it is free. The team pays nothing for this.


Mobile app technology that allows you to build mobile apps easily on top of google sheets

  • Coaches app that contains our team roster with contact info, coaches info, schedule, and more.

  • Trailwork app that allows us to track trailwork that we do.



Paid by technology budget.


An online and mobile application software used to see property ownership, roads, and more.

  • when scouting property and areas to ride, it allows us to dynamically see who the land owner is.



This is paid for by Coach Clark.


A website and mobile app that shows local trails and information about them.

  • We use it to find trails appropriate for us to ride



You can purchase a pro version if you want, but the team pays nothing for this.

Google Earth

A desktop and online software used to do basic mapping.

  • we use Google Earth to build maps that can be uploaded to Trailforks, used for custom maps for our team, designing trails, etc




Online website and mobile app we use for running time trials/races.




We pay for this out of our technology budget.


This is a free, open source GIS product that can handle complex mapping and analysis of geographic data.

  • Coach Clark uses this for doing larger scale Geographic Information Systems (GIS) work for trails , such as designing trail systems, planning, inventory of city trails, and more.


This is open source, so we don’t pay for this.