Registration Information

Here is all the information you need for registering for the team.

Registering for the team has 3 easy steps. ALL STEPS must be completed by MAY 31, 2021.

STEP 1 - Register for the team*

This registers you as a member of our team. Go to our registration site HERE.

TEAM FEES = $175 for new riders, $150 for returning riders

If you have a discount code for any reason (eg returning riders), the entry for that is on the first page right after click on the “Tickets” button.

*If you need financial assistance, or would like to pay later, that is ok, but you need to fill out the registration form. In order to skip payment at time of filling this out, you need to select “Pay by Invoice”

STEP 2 - Register for the League

The League we participate in, provides insurance and our race experience. Your league registration pays for those items. You must register for the league to participate on the team.

LEAGUE FEES = $235 for Jr High, $285 for High School riders

Returning Riders
You can log into Pitzone with your existing login. I will also send invites to register to the same parent (via email from Pitzone) as registered you before. You do not need the invite, however.

New Riders
Once you have registered for the team (filled out the form), we will send you an invite to register with the league via email from the league registration site called, Pitzone. If you don’t get the invite, please let us know and we’ll check and resend it.

STEP 3 - Purchase Your Race Kit

You do not need to do this immediately. You can wait until after we do our race kit fitting on April 17th. If you cannot make that fitting, there is a sizing guide in the store.

You can purchase the race kit on the VOLT STORE.

The password is: BikesOfPrey

RACE KIT = $100 for your kit, which includes a top and a bottom.