September 4: Price

Race Information

Our second race of the year is coming up on Saturday, September 4th!! Here is a summary of key information about the race. It's a lot of info, so please read through carefully. 


We will be holding a 30 minute Q&A session for parents to answer any questions about the race you might have, etc. Please join us Tuesday, August 31 at 6:30pm.

Here is the link to the Zoom Meeting:
Password: 134469 (if needed)


Just some notes and observations/feedback from last race:

  1. Please continue to be so awesome about volunteering both for the league. We actually get money from the league for achieving a certain % of parents who volunteer during the year. It also is great for our reputation.

  2. And of course, we love your help with our own volunteer needs. Please continue to help with pitzone, feedzone, and other activities. For race days, please contact Bryant Ercanbrack via Slack if you are willing and able to volunteer during the race. On the team schedule sheet there is an availability tab for volunteers you can fill out as well.

  3. Remember that our pitzone food/snacks/drinks are for riders and coaches as needed. Please bring your own food and drinks to the race. 

  4. First priority for seating in the pitzone should be for riders. We highly encourage you to bring additional chairs, etc to use and have fun with it.

  5. Feel free to be creative and have some fun with race day! We love it when people take initiative and set up camp, bring noise makers, etc.

  6. Please continue to take photos and share with us by uploading to our google photo album (no storage limit here - post away). See link to that album below.

  7. Don't forget to turn in your race plates at the team tent after your race. If you lose those, there is a fee to get a new one. 

I have compiled general racing info and placed it on our wiki. You can find it here:

Our Slack channel for this race is :#Price2021 - please join it for live updates, info, etc.

Price, UT
The Price racecourse is located in Price, UT, about a 2 hour drive from Eagle Mountain. The course is located right on the North/Northeast edge of town, next to the Cal Ripken baseball park, off Cedar Hills Dr. It's super easy to find and the logistics of parking, etc is A LOT easier than Powder Mountain. Parking is there on site, and everything is very accessible. Nearby restaurants, hotels, and stores are within 1-2 miles easy. 

However, HOTELS ARE LIMITED - and I believe are generally sold out right now. So, you will likely have to find a hotel quite a bit further out or find some camping. See the League info sheet for camping info. 

Race Course Profile on Trailforks:
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This racecourse is very different from Powder Mountain, and has its own flavor of fun. It is largely open/exposed desert type riding  - much like Eagle Mountain, but less rocky. It's one of our shorter courses, and has some of the least amount of climbing all year. The course winds around the base of a mesa, then heads to the top of the mesa and flows along the top until it dips back down to the finish line. There isn't a ton of climbing, but what there is, is steep up some switchbacks. There also isn't a lot of descent, but again, it's steep. It's a course that runs fast! There aren't any trees until you get to the base of the mesa and then you climb up through them and get some trees on top and then on the way down as well. But a lot of the course is visible from many locations, so bring your binoculars!

I have done a course breakdown that is located here: 
Check it out and see what it's like.

Here are some Stats (for 1 full lap):
Total Lap distance (one lap): 4.7 miles
Total climbing per lap: 381ft
Total descent per lap: -379 ft
Starting Elevation: 5,680 Ft
Fastest Varsity lap last year: 17:36

You can get an updated weather report on any app or website, but generally, it is forecast as of right now. Start doing your "no rain" superstition things now....haha

High: 79
Low: 55
Chance of rain: 22%
Wind: SSE 9 mph


Parking is easy this time. General parking is on site at the racecourse, and no shuttles are needed! Hooray!



  • Our pitzone (team tents, etc) will be set up between 4 and 6pm.

  • The team trailer will be at the tent area by around 4pm, so look for it there.

  • The course will open around 3:30pm for pre-riding and sometime around 5-5:30pm, we will send anyone out who wants to ride together onto the course to pre-ride it. This pre-ride is your last chance to pre-ride the course. It will close down about 45 before dark.


  • The League info sheet has a full schedule of general times, etc - linked above.

  • We also have a general schedule on a tab in the race sheet here: 

Here are some important general times to know:

  • 6:30 am - Pitzone opens and you can enter the race area.

  • 8:00 am - First race starts for Junior High. 

  • 10:20 am - First wave for High School (Varsity) begins - be sure to catch that race, it's awesome!

  • 11:00 am - JH races are over and podiums for Junior High happen!

  • 4:41 pm - Last High School race begins

  • 6:00 pm - all races (generally) are over and race course take down begins.

After the course is taken down, they will have high school podiums (awards) and team placings announced and awarded. 


We will provide recovery drinks and snacks for riders and coaches/volunteers. We will not have food or snacks for everyone such as family members, parents, etc. And we do not provide meals. So, please come prepared with food for your needs for the day.

The League will have 2 local food trucks on site at this race or a water truck, but you will might want to bring your own meals/food and water too, as sometimes lines can be a bit long. You can also get to local places to eat fairly easy in Price - nearest place (like McDonalds) is about a mile away.